Cleaning and maintenance of home painting equipments

  •  Though paints, paint cans and paint brushes are the primary equipments, painting

    work cannot be accomplished without the auxiliary equipments like ladders, paint 
    tray, tapes, etc… whichever may be maintenance of equipments is mandatory 
    after completion of the work. Home painting itself a difficult job, in addition to 
    that, bringing back the home to normal is much more difficult. It takes about two 
    days to set the home with some assistance. In this situation people don’t 
    concentrate in cleaning the painting equipments. Since the painting is not done 
    frequently the accessories stay rest for no less than one year without 
    consideration. When it is taken after long period, plenty of time will get wasted in 
    cleaning and some may become rust and doesn’t fit to use. This can be avoided by 
    cleaning the equipments after the completion of work and checking the condition 
    at least one in a month. Here are some of the equipments maintenance tips:
     Initially all the equipments should be collected and kept in one place so 
    that nothing will get lost. Specific box should be kept for each product like 
    brushes, rollers, cans, etc… dumping of everything is not recommended. 

     Everything should be washed with water and let it dry for few minutes and 
    then store in a safe place. Water washing is not suitable for metal cans and 
    brushes because some of the paint types are resistant to water.

     One of the tougher equipments to clean is paint brushes. The bristles 
    should be cleaned with great care. Any defect in the bristles, entirely spoils 
    the look of the painting surface and results in formation of scar.

     Not only the bristles, the handle and ferrule should also be cleaned. The 
    comfort of painting comes from the kind of brush. The brush must be as 
    smooth as possible and it should go along painters hand without interruption. 

     Soak the paint brush and metal can in detergent or soap and leave it for 
    few minutes. Then take it out and take time to remove the paints residues 
    through your hand, for hardened part use scrubbers. Rinse it in water and then let it dry. 

     A roller cleaning is simple. Use blunt knife to wither all the paint from the 
    rollers. Remember to rotate the rollers while scrubbing it. Then rinse it in 
    water and leave to dry.

     These are the cleaning process. The maintenance doesn’t need extra effort. 
    As you clean the house, check the condition of the equipments and remove 
    the dust. This is done to avoid the damage of products.

    These are some of the general basic tips on the main painting products. 
    Remember to follow these tips after the home painting work.

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