Colour combinations for children's room

  • Colour combinations for children's room


    The room of your child is a great place where you get creative and design it in a way which resembles entirely the character of your little one. There are various colour combinations which you can do, in order to achieve the fresh and nice look for the room of your kid. You are no longer obliged to limit yourself to the ordinary pink for girls and blue for boys but instead you can form interesting and innovative colour combinations which will be unique.


    Before dealing with the painting and decorating of the children's room, you have to perform a deeper cleaning which will clear out all spaces of the premise and will make the following painting and arranging process easier. Depending on the age of your little one, you can even encourage him or her to help you with the whole cleaning procedures because you will probably need some assistance, especially with the organising of all the things of the child. In case you are about to paint and decorate the room for the first time, then the cleaning will be minimum and will consist mostly of removing of the dust and covering of some areas of the premise, so that they are protected from any paint drops and damages.



    When all the preparations are done, you should think of the best colour combination which will make he room of your precious child really stand out. There are countless choices and ideas but the main factor which should guide you is the preferences of your little one. The room should also go with the whole interior of your home, so as you can see, although this decision seems easy, it can turn to be very difficult. There is no need to worry, though, because we will give you several interesting tips on some of the best colour combinations which you can still change in a way that suits your taste and that of your child best.


    • A new look at the classical blue and pink – If you are a big fan of the classics for children's room, nothing stops you from using them for your home. It is not necessary to paint or decorate the whole room in just blue or pink, instead combine those two colours with others, so that you can achieve the fresher look you seek. The navy blue is very popular choice and it makes a great combination with white and all other variations of the blue colour. As for the pink, it can be used together with beige, white, red, brighter green and many others which is perfect for your sparkling sofa.


    • Simple and gentle colours for the girls – Other colours which you can use for the room of your daughter, for example, are beige, peach, light brown and yellow which are suitable for all ages and will make the premise look very sophisticated. The combination of purple and pink, or red and white will be also very nice for a girl's room. The biggest advantage of the softer colours is that they don't fade away as much as the more intense colours and they will have a great effect on your newborn, if you are decorating a baby's room.


    • Orange and red for older boys – Combinations of bright orange or red with different other colours can be just what your boy needs. They are great for young teenagers and will certainly give to the room a fresh and interesting look. The orange goes perfectly with lighter green, while the red makes a good combination with dark brown.


    Except for the painting of the walls, you have to also think about the different decorative elements which you can use to complete the look of the children's room. The only condition is for them to be synchronized with the colour scheme of the premise, other than that you are free to determine their kind yourself.

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