Do you know the right set of interior painting can influence the mood of the household?

  • Many household would be wondering why there is a need of interior paint makeover as it is quite a daunting task. But do you know by giving the total makeover to your house brings in a better psychological effect. Yes it is proved the bright and dark paints in your house influence the mindsets of the people staying in them.

    For instance the light colored rooms helps to promote space and awareness which makes the children and new born to run and play around the house. Dark colors may make the room appear small and cozy, mostly suitable for projector rooms.  Hence the interior house paints influences the moods of the people. Now the best question to be asked by you regarding painting interior is why you need it now?

    There might be several reasons like:

    My neighbor gave a new coating to his house.
    More freshness to the house.
    Want to give a complete makeover.


    There might be other reasons too and these vary according to the household. Interior house painting could be made easier if the painter is quite creative and clearly have an idea for what purpose and the kind of rooms the paint is to be used for. As different colors influences the mood of the people here are few which can help out:

    • Yellow paint: This color is best for kitchens and in living rooms. It is believed that this color brings in sunshine which helps to stimulate the nerves and purify your body. In living rooms this color brings in comprehensive and stimulating effect.
    • Green paint: Green color is a peaceful color which brings a relaxing effect to the household. Greenery stimulates peaceful effect to the people and this is the main reason why many people visit parks for relaxation. When green is painted in living room then this can act as the best relaxing agent.
    • Red paint: This paint helps to increase the energy levels within the room but should not be painted on the rooms used by elders as it increases their blood pressure and heart rate.

    Some useful tips:

    • Decide the number of walls to be painted and the order in which it is to be done. This helps to determine the amount of paint needed and also the painter should consider the inconvenience caused by the other household. For example cooking while painting a kitchen.
    • Protect all the electronic equipments and furniture from being exposed to paint coating by covering them up using old newspapers.
    • Before starting to paint clean the walls as you don’t want to paint them when insects are crawling around the wall. Patch the holes and cracks to ensure a smooth painting.

    All the above would be worthless if not done in a proper manner. You could do this on your own or take help of a professional painter to make things easier.  

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