Give a complete makeover to your house through these methods

  • Over the years home painting have been given a total makeover. Many paints have come in different types and colors according to the taste of the household. There are so many choices present but one should be aware of the painting combination which really makes their house stunning. Well this is an easy task provided if you are creative and also can take help of a professional painter to brainstorm your ideas together.

    Use a complementary color:

    Before planning to paint rooms choose complementary colors within them. Complementary hues are the ones present in color charts which are placed opposite to each other. Each painting company or brand has its own color wheel which helps you to choose the combinations. The basic idea on using different colors in the same room is to bring in better balance. If you are painting room with a dark color then you can balance them using the light ones. For example if you paint the entire room with dark green color then you can use red color for the borders. If you are unsure about this fact then professional house painters would bring in the best combinations as these people posses good knowledge in this field.

    Painting techniques to be followed:

    Applying paint with the help of paint brushes is the basic method and the easiest one employed for painting house. If you want to give a superb look to your walls then implement the Rag painting method. This is a method where the old clothes are dipped in the paint and then used to coat the walls with paint. Paint brushes also help in doing this but the hand-made work gives a superb look and in turn get ready for the compliments which you are about to receive.

    Center Wall:

    The best way to create a stupendous effect over home walls is to have one center wall painted in a different manner. This is done by painting the wall with a different color and painting style. Center wall can also be painted with very solid paint color or a moral art or your family pictures painted over instead of using a frame.

    But the most important fact behind this being that the household should have some idea on painting otherwise all these could be a disaster. Home Painters are the proficient people to help you out during this course of action. Avail their services based on their credentials and many are available online.


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