Home Exterior Painting is done faster during the fall season

  • Peep out and have a look of your house from. What do you think? Be realistic and determine whether the exterior wall requires a fresh coat of paint before your friends and relatives arrive for the winter holidays. The cold fall season is one of the best times to slap the exterior with a fresh coat of paint as the drying time of the paint coat is pretty good compared to the other seasons.

    Lower humidity and lesser chance of afternoon thunder storms makes this season one of the great time of the year to tackle this important phenomenon. Also the painting contractor will enjoy the benefit of moderate temperatures and lower humidity while employing this set of coating.

    Less moisture and lower rates of humidity brings in a faster drying period for paint and also increases the adhesion rate of the home’s surface. The greater adhesion rate the better is the lasting of the exterior paint to your walls in the years to come. The conditions during the fall makes it easier for yourself or paint contractor as working in cooler, dried and less humid conditions.

    Take the time needed for preparing the exterior paint coating as good preparation pays off with a superior paint job. The first step for this is to facilitate the wall for painting by making the surface a proper one through power washing, cleaning, sanding or resetting nails. Check twice for re- caulking surfaces for any gaps or cracks. It is better to scrap the old caulking employed with the new one and employ a good quality one to seal out water and infiltration. Employ a latex caulk instead of a silicon one as it is easier to paint using this former one.

    Once the wall is caulked and prepped properly and dry then it is time to apply the fresh new paint coat. Choose the ones which is simpler and if you prefer the same color as the previous paint then employ them up. Today in the market multitude of paint colors have come with different combinations and the user can pick them with the aid of the color chart available. There are some specialized set of paint colors available like weather shield which consists of a special coating which helps to retain the heat during the winter and reflect them out during the summer. Go for these special ones as it brings in an effective single time investment. Take help of professional painters to make the house painting process in a simpler and effective manner.   



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