House painting tips for a beginner

  • House Painting is the most popular home improvement service which a household likes to do. Well it is just a matter of having a can of paint with the paint brushes and rollers.  This is the general thinking of the household but it is not so. If you are a beginner and thinking to reduce the paint expenses by painting the walls of your house on your own then the paint coating would not appear like that of the professional painters. Professional painters with a handful of experience know the exact paint mixtures and the position of painting which brings in the distinct look. But acquiring a good amount of knowledge and through regular practice the household can become a good painter. Here are some tips to achieve the professionalism in painting.

    House Painting

    Clear away the old paint present:

    Old paints present in your house start to peel off and would contain mildew, stain and dirt. To remove these stains take help of a scraper. Scraper consists of angular shaped blades which help to remove all the unwanted stains and cracks. While you purchase one ensure that it offers a good grip. These are available in your neighboring hardware shops or DIY stores.

    Stir the paint used thoroughly:   

    The new paint which is to be used should be stirred well making all the ingredients to be blended equally especially the resin which is present at the bottom of the container. Select a paint which is of methyl based as this prevents mildews and effectively conceals ink and pen marks on the walls.

    Have enough paint in the container:

    Ensure to have enough amount of paint in the container as more paint can make it to be a mess. More paint present would make mixing a difficult task and the ingredients would not be properly blended up. Leave a clean spot in your container which helps you to place the paint brush around that area.

    Purchase a good quality brush:

    Purchasing high quality paint brush is the best method suggested. It may cost more but this ensures that the painting is done with ease and the life of the brush withstands longer.

    Paint the corners and edges of wall first:

    It is best to paint the corners and edges of the wall first so that straight angles can be done in an easier rate. This technique is called “cutting in” and the best method for mastering the technique is to have regular practice.

    There are also other methods instead of paint brush and this is the sprayer. When painting is to be done on a faster rate this technique is employed by home painting contractors. Today many people use the rollers for painting and the paint is rubbed on the centre surface so that there is even distribution of paint on either sides. Finally as you finish the task remember to clean of the mess. Cover the paint surface with a cloth to prevent the paint from drying up. Also soak the paint brushes in water or special solution to remove the traces of paint in its fibers before you paint with it the next time.  

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