How to Paint Your House Interior Walls

  • There is nothing like a fresh coat of paint to lighten up the interior of the house. As a household you could be tempted of just painting the walls immediately but there are certain things to be foreseen before doing one of this. Hence before painting the interior walls of your house it is best to review them so that the process would be done in a faster rate.

    interior wall painting

    The primary thing before one paints a wall he/she should have the knowledge of applying sand and primer to them. Sanding process allows the paint to be applied evenly and helps it to get adhered well.  Adding a primer along with this will help you to reduce the amount of painting used. Primer is utmost important when you are proceeding to paint from light to dark walls or vice versa. However in almost every situation one could use the primer.

    For beginners who are to paint the interior walls for the first time there is a chance of tapping many surfaces of the wall and apply paints throughout the walls. This can cause some problems and a better approach of spending your time on painting interior walls taping and re taping is to use an angled brush.

    The next step after moving the furniture away and the decorative items is to protect the floors with a set of tarp. Plastic is the generally used for this but is quite slippery hence canvas could be employed as it is less slippery and absorbs more liquid. Tape can be used to cover the open outlets in order to avoid the paint getting over them.

    If you are to practice painting on the ceiling of the interior walls then you would get the complete knowledge on interior painting. Be absolutely sure to sand and paint the ceiling first before starting to paint the walls.

    If you are using the rollers then roll the paint using a common stroke. Remember the painting will not be perfect within the first coating. In addition to this don’t roll back and forth the same area for a multiple set of times. Simply proceed to the next area and keep rolling. If you are painting the walls on your own make sure it is done well otherwise it would be a waste of effort. If you want painting to be done perfect or have a huge space to be painted within a short period then hire some professional painters to make the task easier.  

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