How to touch up the problematic spots while doing your interior paint job?

  • Touching up your walls on faded paint and stains would be quite laborious if you are unaware of the process. If you fail to provide the correct paint color on your touch up then all your efforts would produce unattractive interior wall paint.  But you can still make things right if you follow certain things that make sure that the touch up matches perfectly to the interior wall paint.

    Here are some steps that should be done by you to bring in an appropriate retouch for the problematic spots present in your wall.

    Selecting the Right Paint Colors:

    The right color should be used while you retouch the wall and this should be done on a careful note. The only way to choose the right paint color is to paint them up with the leftover paints which are used for the walls. If you do not have the exact color then purchase one in the nearby stores or enquire from home improvement clerks.

    Touching up various paint types:

    Different methods are to be employed while choosing to retouch your walls. Fading areas in walls with flat paint, trim molding, and shiny paint are treated according to their paint types.

    Flat paint is touched up with the help of paint brushes or rollers and before you touch up make sure that you shake and mix up the paints in a better ratio. Before applying the entire solution apply some on the wall to see whether it suits the painted wall. When the paint dries and if your touch up looks visible then the wall might not look presentable. If this gets repeated then you can paint your walls using the break to break method.

    It is quite tough to touch up the shiny walls as these contain semi gloss, gloss or oil based paint products. This paint is tough because of its texture and break to break method should be used for shiny walls then a whole wall should be covered with a new paint to avoid any sign of flashing.

    Finally the trim molding also requires the specific method for touch up. You should be able to locate the paint brakes on your walls and use them as marks and paint them from point to point. These points would appear to be of different pieces of molding which has come together in the corners of the window frames or doors.

    These are the best methods to be remembered while touching up problematic spots in your interior wall. Remember these tips and this can be done by you otherwise employ a professional home painter to make things easy for you.   


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