Paint your ceiling in a better manner

  • A fresh coat of paint is all that it takes to bring it back to life by adding more beauty to the room. Ceiling walls needs the proper method of painting otherwise it would become a mismatch. Here are some tips depicted for effective painting of a ceiling.

     The tools for the job:

    In many professions experienced professionals just know the importance of having the right tools to be employed before starting their work. Listed are some of the tools required for ceiling wall painting.

     Quality set of paint with an appropriate quantity.
    • ·        Primer/ Sealant.
    • ·        Roller brush with a handle.
    • ·        Roller pad.
    • ·        Roller tray.
    • ·        Quality paint brush preferably 3 to 4 inch.
    • ·        Drop Cloths
    • ·        Rags for wiping up of spills.
    • ·        Old Clothes to be worn.

    Preparing to paint:

     While you start painting it is important to keep up till the end. Hence preparation is very important before painting the ceiling. Initially remove the furniture as possible and move all of them to the centre of the room. Cover this furniture with a set of cloth so that any paint spill will be engulfed to the cloth rather than the furniture.

    Apart from this if you have flooring or carpeting, cover them as well. If you are not painting the walls then covering of mattresses would not be required. Use the painters tape to secure the drop cloths. Cut in the ceiling with the paint brush by painting a strip about three inches wide to its perimeter.

    Applying the paint:

     With all the equipment in hand and the room being protected, prepared painting the ceiling becomes an easier and smooth process. Apply paint evenly on the pads and start painting the ceiling with short, even strokes which is about four feet long. Move your brush left and right rather up and down as you progress painting. While more painting is required go back to the paint tray and refill the pad. Take caution not to over fill the pad with paint as the droplets might get spilled throughout the room. Even though every part in the room is protected you will have a chance walking over the paint droplets and making it a mess.

    Remember the painting employed should be done in a slow and steady manner. If the household is aware about painting the walls it is best otherwise it could become a mess up. In order for your work to be done in a faster manner you could employ a professional house painter.  

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