• Home painting is one of the manageable home improvement processes by oneself without the assistance of professionals. But deep study and brainstorming is required before starting painting process. Since painting involves huge amount of investment, it should be utilized effectively. Care should be taken and concentration throughout the painting work. People put more efforts in choosing paint color and design. But they fail to think about the type of paints to be used in particular place. Some people don’t even consider this factor and paints entire house with same paint type. This mistake is realized only when the paints worn out within few months. Overcome this by acquiring knowledge about the type of paints.

    Types of paints used for house painting:

    Commonly used painting types are oil based and water based paints.

    Water based paints:

    Water based paints are commonly observed in most of the places because of its wide range advantages. It is also mentioned with the common name as latex paints. It is easily dryable so care is not needed after the painting process. Water based paints are used from exterior to interior. The well known advantage of this type is it can be applied over the oil paints when repainting. Most people are sensitive to paints and exposing to the newly painted apartments may cause them some side-effects. This is not possible with latex paints and it has little inorganic substance as the mixture. This type of paints can also be used for painting wooden surface and metal surface too. This is also cheap compared too oil paints.

                The disadvantage of latex paint is it does not give glossy appearance which most of the people prefer now. The dirt cannot be cleaned with sponge and soap. It remains till repainting. Even the small flaws will be exposed clearly.


    Oil based painting:

                This is the good binder and it last for long duration. In the recent trend, oil painting is preferred more than latex painting because of its easy stain removal capacity and shinny appearance. It is resistant to cracks and scratches. It is also said as alkyd paint which means the extracts are not obtained from plants or petroleum. The flaws, if occur any is not exposed clearly and flaws can be corrected without more efforts. When coming to comfort level during painting it gives more comfort because of its glossy nature and makes you feel like professional painter.

                Disadvantage of oil based painting is it produce very bad odor which makes some people allergic. It takes very long duration to dry and is not eco-friendly due to the addiction of more chemicals to enhance the look.

    Primer: Primer is not considered as paint type. But this is must before applying paint on the wall whatever the type of paint. It acts as the adhesion, so the paint gets stick to the surface sooner and quality remains for long period.  Care to use the primer which matches the type of paint.

    The pros and cons of common painting types are explained above and these points provide people with some idea paint types and its usage.


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