The drawbacks in painting your house during the extreme temperatures

  • If you are in a hurry to paint your house then the most important aspect to consider is the current temperature. In reference to the various set of painters available it is said that outdoor painting is to be done during the temperate months instead of extreme hold or cold conditions.

    The need of Optimum Temperature:

    When the ambient temperature is too high or low the paint does not dry properly leading to uneven patches on the walls. For any paint the external temperature and humidity plays a vital role for its curing period. The most common paints used for both interior and exterior walls are Oil and Latex and the best quality of these both are used for several domestic and industrial applications. The painters apply paints based on the general instructions provided in the paint container. These instructions are provided by the paint company based on the temperature conditions which are optimum.

    Time for Curing:

    The overall finish of the paint is being determined based on the drying and the curing time. The drying time varies according to the paint type. For oil paints the drying time is about an hour whereas for latex paints the drying time is about three hours. Whereas the curing time for a paint is of longer duration and varies from 20 to 30 days depending on the paint varieties being used. The curing time is evaluated based on the evaporation of the liquid present in the paint and stake point is reached on a complete evaporation of liquid present. The formation of dry skin indicates that the water in paint is completely evaporated and the recommended ideal drying temperature is about 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  If the temperature is about 100 degrees Fahrenheit then there would be improper curing and drying time. Similarly is the effect when the temperature is below 50 degree mark during winter.

    Multiple set of Paint Coats:

    While performing painting during the extreme temperatures even the painters would look for the optimum times of the day for completing their work. If you are considering multiple coats then the drying temperature between the paint coats would take a longer period. Hence if you are absolutely sure about painting your walls during extreme hot and cold climate consult with your local painter regarding the pros and cons involved. In order to ensure that the work done is done properly hire professional house painters based on their credentials.

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